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Event Promoter:

União Recreativa das Mercês

Institucional support:

  • Câmara Municipal de Sintra (Municipality of Sintra)
  • Junta de Freguesia de Rio de Mouro (Parish Council of Rio de Mouro)
  • Junta de Freguesia de Algueirão e Mem-Martins (Parish Council of Algueirão/MemMartins)
  • Junta de Freguesia de São João das Lampas (Parish Council of São João das Lampas)
  • Federação Portuguesa de Taekwondo (Portuguese Federation of Taekwondo)

Logistics support:

Associação de Taekwondo de Lisboa – ATLx (Lisbon Association of Taekwondo)

Event Organizer:

Tarik El Jamri
Mobile Phone: 00351 91 885 67 36 or 00351 91 850 00 12

Event Place:

Sports Pavilion of Escola Secundária de Leal da Câmara
Adress: Avenida Pedro Nunes 1 Rinchoa – Rio de Mouro, Sintra -PORTUGAL


May 4th, 2013

Coordination and control of the Open:

Open’s responsibility – União Recreativa das Mercês

Management and coordination of arbitration:

The responsibility of the Board of arbitration of the Lisbon Association of Taekwondo.

Form of competition:

The Open International de Sintra – Taekwondo – is a testament to battles fought in the format Olympic battle with weight categories, in accordance with the rules of the WTF and model of single elimination.

Cadets, Junior, Senior:

The competition takes place with the electronic trademark Daedo vests, being of responsibility of the athletes foot guards of that brand, authorized by WTF.

Age groups

  • Benjamin male and female born in 2005 and 2006
  • Infant’s male and female born in 2002 till 2004
  • Cadet’s male and female born in 1999 to 2001
  • Juniors male and female: born in 1996 to 1998
  • Seniors male and female: born in 1996 or later
  • Juniors, who were born in 1996 can compete as a junior or as a senior.

Minimal qualification – 6º Kup

Preliminary acts

  • Friday: May, 3rd 2013
    16:00 Distribution of ID-Cards
    17:00- 21:00 Registration and weigh-in for Saturday (Sporthall)
  • Saturday: May, 4th 2013
    07:00 Opening of the Sporthall
    08:30 Start of Competitions Benjamin’s, infants, and cadets
    12:30 end of competitions for youth competitors.
    12:45 opening ceremony
    14:00 Start of competition for juniors and seniors
    18:30 – end of competitions and awards delivery.

Condition for participation:

Proof of membership by valid national Federation passport with ETU/WTF membership. All competitors have to prove their age and nationality by presenting their passport or identification card at the weigh-in.

Those who are not recognized as adults (underaged) by law in their own country must submit a passport or identification card together with a written consent (liability declaration) at registration signed by parents or lawful guardians, accepting the participation and all parts of the official invitation.


The URM (União Recreativa das Mercês) will help the participating teams for entry visas if requested.

Online-Registration: or or

You will get your password after the registration on the internet. Please register the name of your club and your nation and your personal e-mail.
Then a password will be sent to the e-mail account.

Deadline (only for inscriptions) :

April, 19th 2013. (For whom it is impossible to subscribe in advance, URM/ATLx reserves the right to safeguard some inscriptions of athletes on the day of the OPEN)

Registration fee:

€ 15,00 for each competitor
All payments of registration for foreign athletes will be made in person on the day of the event.

Change of weight classes:

Changing weightclasses after April, 26th 2013 is only possible for a fee of € 25,00 at registration.
With the registration the competitors as well as the federations accept all points of the official invitation.


PSS from Daedo will be used for Cadets, juniors and seniors
Benjamin, infants: Will be hold in non-electronic system.
Only WTF approved gear is allowed for competitors.


see official website

Competition Rules:

The rules of competition will be the WTF Rules in the KO system.
It’s not allowed to strike the head in Benjamin and Infants competition
Benjamin, Infants – 3 rounds de 60 seconds with 30 seconds of rest time.


a) Individual
1st Classified – 1 gold medal
2nd Classified – 1 silver medal
3rd Classified – 1 bronze medal
3rd Classified – 1 bronze medal
b) Formation team (Female, Male, Benjamin, Infants and Cadets)
1st place – 1 cup
2nd place – 1 cup
3rd place – 1 cup
c) Competition team – (Male, female, Juniors e Seniors)
1st place – 1 cup
2nd place – 1 cup
3rd place – 1 cup
d) Absolut winner– (Male, female, all weight classes and age grups)
1st place – 1 cup


The team with more points will be held winner. In case of draws in first instance the team with more first places wins the tournament, with more second places in the second instance, and less participations in the third instance.


1st place – 7 points
2nd place – 3 points
3rd place – 1 point

By JCS abril 24, 2013 19:13 Updated
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