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Austrian Taekwondo Federation


Dr. Reza Zadehmohammad, President

Chairman of Organizing Team:

Mag. Martin Danler, Secretary General

Referee Director:

Reza Shojaie, International Referee 1.Class


June 4th/5th 2011


Austria – 6020 INNSBRUCK, Tirol, Olympiastr. 10

Competition site:

OLYMPIA WORLD (Tiroler Wasserkraft Arena)

Condition for Participation:

Proof of membership by valid national Federation passport with ETU/WTF membership. All contestants have to proof their age and nationality by presenting their passport or identification card at weigh-in.

Those who are not recognized as adults by law in their own country must submit a passport or identification card together with a written consent (liability declaration) of their parents or lawful guardian accepting the participation and all parts of the official invitation


In order to give support to get the visas it is necessary to send a correct written application letter to the Austrian Taekwondo Federation, with the names, age and passport-No. of all team members, competitors and officials (if possible, please send a word file as e-mail attachment). We then will send an invitation letter by air mail to the team and to the Austrian Embassy in your home country.

Please give the visa process in the emassies at least two weeks for handling all applications.

Age categories:

  • Cadets, male and female: born in 1999 to 1997
  • Juniors male and female: born in 1996 to 1994
  • Seniors male and female: born in 1993 and older

Juniors, who were born 1994 and 1995 may compete as a junior or as a senior. Competing in both categories (juniors and seniors) is not allowed.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Seniors male from 2. Kup.
  • Seniors female from 2. Kup.
  • Cadets male/female from 4. Kup
  • Juniors male/female from 4. Kup.

Juniors who participate in the seniors competition must have the qualification requested for seniors.


Each coach accompanied by at least four contestants receives free admission (limit five coaches).
Coaches can enter the competition area only with proper sport shoes and proper tracksuit.Before weigh-in all coaches must have the Special ID-Cards for their teams. Weigh-in and entry to the sports hall only with Special ID-Cards. Special ID-Cards for all competitors and coaches!


All competitors of the Austrian Open participate at their own risk. The registration application implies that the contestants agree to assume all responsibility for themselves and to release all others from all and any liability which may directly or indirectly result from the Austrian Open.

Competition rules:

The presently valid competition rules of the OTDV/WTF. According to the interpretation of the Competition Rules of the OTDV/WTF rules you must carry the tooth protector. However, by the Austrian Open it is your own responsibility. (Exception: athletes with non-removable braces)

Competition mode:

KO – system.

For seniors and juniors all fights will be held with LaJust Body Protectors.

For cadets all fights will be held with Daedo Body Protectors.


Places 1 to 3 will be scored for classification of teams and nations.
The key 6 – 3 – 1 will be used.

Award presentation:

Medals for the places 1 to 3 individual results
Trophies for the places 1 to 3 teams- and nations results


The contestants agree with the announcement, that the first and last name, the weight category, the nation/organization and the placing in the list of results will be reported in the internet as well as in printed media.


Friday: 3rd June 2011
16:00 Distribution of ID-Cards (Weigh-in only with Special ID-Cards)
17:00-20:00 Registration and weigh-in for Saturday and Sunday

Saturday: 4th June 2011
08:00 – Opening of the Hall
09:00 – Starting of Competitions

Weight classes:

Cadets male -33, -37, -41, -45, -49kg
Juniors male -45, -48, -51, -59, -68kg
Seniors male -54, -63, -74, -80, -87kg
Cadets female -29, -33, -37, -41, -44kg
Juniors female -42, -46, -52, -59, -63kg
Seniors female -46, -49, -53, -62, -67kg

16:00-18:00 – Registration and weigh-in for Sunday

Sunday, 5th June 2011
08:00 – Opening of the Hall
09:00 – Starting of Competitions

Weight classes:

Cadets male -53, -57, -61, -65,+65kg
Juniors male -55, -63, -73, -78,+78kg
Seniors male -58, -68kg, +87kg
Cadets female -47, -51, -55, -59, +59kg
Juniors female -44, -49, -55, -68, +68kg
Seniors female -57, -73, +73kg

By JCS mayo 30, 2011 12:44 Updated
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