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An interview with Mr. José Luis Álvarez Torrealba, the director of  Television Todo Deporte (Spanish All Sports Web TV Channel), the one in charge of live broadcast of The 9th Spanish International Open Taekwondo Championship which is going to be held in Alicante (Spain), on the 26th and 27th of March, 2011.

Hello, José Luis, how are you doing? When and how did you start in the World of Taekwondo?

-Well, I started to practice Taekwondo when I was just 7 years old, exactly the same way as almost everyone: i.e. with no idea what that was. My parents brought me to a gym, and years were passing day by day until I ended up as an elite competitor. 

You belong to the generation of sportsmen who have formed The Golden Epoch of Taekwondo, so to say. Are there many differences between “the old school” and the actual Taekwondo?

-If we look fifteen years back, we shall find plenty of great changes in all kinds of sports. The use of new technologies has made many types of sports adjust their way of competition to a present situation: tennis, motor racing, and of course, our Taekwondo, which has progressed a lot.
When I competed, we had just a scoreboard and one could see the score only at the end of each round. Thus the combat strategy used to be quite different to a modern one. At that time you didn’t know whether you were winning or loosing round by round, not like nowadays when just a couple of seconds can be decisive, and even the training system has nothing to do with the old one.

My generation marked an epoch when Taekwondo started as a part of Judo (according to Spanish federative structure) and in a short period of time took part in the Olympic Games! Indeed, we built a base of modern Taekwondo. I was rather lucky: I used to have great mates in the National team. It is unfair to name someone in particular now because I’d definitely miss somebody, but I should say that between 1985 and 1993 I shared “tatami” with great competitors and opponents. 

What do you do at present?

- I am a Daedo official representative. This brand has been associated with the Spanish National team for many years, it is recognized in Spain and abroad. Daedo is an innovating company which has laid down a guideline on design and production of electronic body protectors, making them lighter and more reliable, i.e. much more comfortable for competitors. Like everything in this life, it took us a lot of efforts to put them into combat practice, but the result is more than visible and we have great expectations to be an official product for the following Olympic games in London.

Besides, I run a small web broadcasting company.

How did you start with web broadcasting? What made you begin in this very branch?

-Well, there was a bunch of circumstances, together with a possibility to broadcast with the help of a mobile unit. What I thought first was how to adopt it to our sport. I believed it would be easy, but despite of all the knowledge I have it is not.  The complication is in quantity of “tatamis” in every championship.

I have already broadcasted some competitions and tried to change first plans from “tatami” to “tatami” quickly; I have even tried to transmit two combats at a time, but the result is not the expected one.  The thing is that the spectators can’t get it clearly… I’ll put you football as an example: would we be capable to enjoy four different football matches with their respective commentaries at the same time in the same channel? What a razzle-dazzle! And at the end we shall not perceive anything. The same staff happens with Taekwondo. It is really better to give priority to just one or two “tatamis” at random, for the spectators to watch combats properly. During the last Championship of Spain we broadcasted a male final and next a female one, and so on and so forth. But it’s not an easy thing to hit the point everytime. It’s crucial to have a certain concept while visualizing a championship: you simply have to watch a performance as it is: I mean to enjoy the championship with its final combats and if by chance you see a friend, a team-mate, etc… even better then. Sometimes they say: “you are not broadcasting the Galicians, or Murcians, or the ones from Madrid etc. enough!” As I have already said, if they occasionally fight in the “tatami” where our camera is installed, they will be watched by everyone.

What kind of equipment does your company have for live broadcast?

-Four cameras and a mobile unit are going to be used for this championship. We are going to be five of us to highlight this event.

Who is going to be a commentator? Are we to expect some special guests during the transmission?

-Well, his name is Mr. Carlos Marella. He works in an Alcobendas (Madrid) TV channel; he is a journalist and a former competitor. During the last Championship of Spain one could see him interviewing the champions of Spain and other participants such as the President of the Spanish Taekwondo Federation Mr. Jesús Castellanos. We would like to have as commentators as well Pepeillo, the world champion, Mr. Gabriel Esperanza, Olympic and world championships medallist, and Marcos, a coach and manager of the Madrid High Performance Centre.

We shall start broadcasting at 9:30 AM until the championship is accomplished. So many hours… For sure we shall make some mistakes, but let’s hope they will not be major ones and the spectators will enjoy such an important event through our images.

How did you start collaborating with the Spanish Taekwondo Federation?

- They watched our live broadcast of the Madrid Community Open Championship and they were impressed by image quality. It had nothing to do with a simple webcam. We were offered to try in the last Spanish Championship, and the achieved results were rather satisfactory for the Federation as well as for the spectators, who made a quantity of positive commentaries. And after that we started to work hard to correct all the mistakes and give the audience everything we can.

What can you tell us about security and reliability of the payment gateway?

-That it is 100% secure. We offer two gateways: one from Paypal, which is commonly used by a lot of people and is very easy and very secure; and a credit card method, which is known by everyone and is as secure as Paypal.

Why is there a limit of 3000 entries maximum?

-That is because we expect large numbers of spectators to be attracted due to the fact that all the national and international federations have got the information about the event and spread it through their web pages. If we increase the number of entries it may lead to some visual problems during the transmission, because unfortunately we still depend on ADSL lines and the bandwidth is limited. We would be really glad to count on fiber-optics in all the sports centres for us to offer higher image quality, but what we pretend is to guarantee a good connection with fine image quality with neither breaks nor blackouts.

Because of the established quota of 3000 entries only, I would suggest not to wait till the last minute to buy a ticket: once the quota is complete there will not be any possibility to get one.

What are your plans for the future?

-I shall go on with Daedo representation. The rest… well, step by step.

Thank you very much, and good luck for the Championship.

-Thanks to you, good luck and take care.

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