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1. Organization

1.1 Promoter

Taekwondo Club Papendrecht, Mr. Rakesh Gajadhar

1.2 Supervisory

The Dutch Taekwondo Federation

1.3 Information Tournament

Director : Mr. Rakesh Gajadhar
Tel / fax : +31 – 78 – 615 05 60
Mobile : +31 – 6 – 14 12 69 69
E-mail : info@openwindmills.com
Homepage : www.openwindmills.com

2. Place and date

2.1 Sports Centre


2.2 Place

Halmaheiraplein 35
3312 GH Dordrecht
The Netherlands
Tel: +31- 78- 648 90 50

2.3 Date

Saturday the 12th of March 2011

3. Competition

3.1 Mode

Single Elimination Tournament System (K.O. system)

3.2 Competition rules

WTF competition rules (2010) and in some cases overruled by the rules of the Dutch Taekwondo Federation. The competition date is determinative for the age.

3.3 Time-mode

  • Kids : 2 x 1 minutes (20 sec break)
  • Pupils : 2 x 1,5 minutes (30 sec break)
  • Aspirants : 2 x 2 minutes (30 sec. break)

There are 4 competition areas defined were the Windmills championships will be held, all with electronic score board systems with plasma screens.

3.4 Individual Awards

1st, 2nd and 3rd – gold, silver & bronze

3.5 Team Awards

  • Best Team Trophy
  • First place : 7 points
  • Second place : 4 points
  • Third place : 1 point

3.6 Identification

According to the Dutch law all competitors & visitors needs to have a valid identification by means of a valid driving licence, passport or other official document.

4. Contestants

4.1 Age

Kids male and female 6 until and including 7 years
Pupil male and female 8 until and including 10 years
Aspirant male and female 11 until and including 13 years

4.2 Classification

11th until and including 7TH küp : C class
6TH until and including 3RD küp : B class
2ND küp and higher : A class

4.3 Weight divisions

  • Kids for male and female, all in separate pools. (Light contact)
    -21, -24, -27, -30, -34, -39, -44 and +44 kg
  • Pupils for male and female, all in separate pools.
    -24, -27, -30, -34, -39, -44, -50 and +50 kg
  • Aspirants for male and female, all in separate pools.
    -32, -36, -40, -45, -51, -57, -64, and +64 kg

→ → it is not allowed for kids / pupils and aspirants to make contact to the head!

5. Weigh-in

5.1 Rules of weigh-in

Competitors may exceed their weight class with a maximum of 200 grams.
Example: weight class –64, competitors may exceed this weight class by 200 grams
64,200 this is the maximum. If competitors exceed any class by more than 200 grams
they will be disqualified of participation. No restitution will be made.
There will be no changing of weight classes.

5.2 Weigh-in mode

Weight classes with a maximum of 2 competitors can be combined with the next weight division.

5.3 Competition

Our system will work with fight numbers. After the official pools are presented and the tournament has started the competitors are not allowed in the competition areas until 10 minutes (3 fights) before their individual fight. If a competitor fails to turn up for his or hers individual fight a minute will be started on the clock in which the competitor will be given the opportunity to present him or herself on their competition area. If the competitor doesn’t appear within that minute he or she will be excluded for the duration of the tournament.

6. Time Table & Weigh-in

6.1 Saturday

Registration & weigh-in at Sports Centre “Reeweghal”

6.2 Weigh-in

  • Kids & Pupils 07:30 until 08:30
  • Aspirants 11:30 until 12:30

Competitors must be on time. Only the competitors will have access to the weigh-in room.
Coaches will not be allowed during the weigh in.
Changes of weight classes are allowed before the official weigh-in costing € 8,00 (Euro) or $ 12,00 (US Dollar).
After taking part at the official weigh in, changes of weight classes will not be allowed.

6.3 Programme

07:30 – 08:30: Weigh in for kids & pupils
09:15 – 09:30: Opening ceremony
09:30 – 12:30: Elimination rounds kids & pupils
11:30 – 12:30: Weigh in for aspirants
12:30 – 14:00: Finals kids & pupils / Lunch / award presentation
14:00 – 18:00: Restart tournament / Elimination rounds aspirants
18:00 – 19:00: Finals aspirants / award presentation aspirants / closing ceremony

7. Rules

7.1 Liability

Only members of National Federation’s affiliation with ETU are allowed to compete. For countries without any federation being member of ETU, affiliation with WTF is necessary. Upon registration, the contestants must prove their memberships by means of a valid licence. All
competitors are considered to participate at their own risk. The organisation and supervisor assume no responsibility for teams, any damages, violence, loses and injuries.
All contestants must bring their own documents and forms for any medical treatment in the Netherlands. If not, this will have to be paid in cash.

7.2 Coach

For every 5 contestants within the same team, one coach is granted free admission, with a maximum of 4 coaches. Only competitors and coaches have admittance to the competition areas. Coaching is only allowed in sportswear. All coaches must be 18 years or older.

7.3 First Aid

Will be provided by the organisation and are only to be used in case of emergency.

7.4 Equipment

WTF–recognized trunk protector (hoogoo) head gear and groin, forearm and shin protector, which are compulsory, will be brought by the contestants. Tooth protectors are compulsory.

Foot protection is only allowed for aspirant, pupil & kids competitors.

7.5 Protest

Only the official coach is a allowed to protest, immediately after the end of the contest.
An amount of € 25,00 (Euro) or $ 37,00 (US Dollar), will have to be paid for each protest and will be returned if the protest was found valid. The decision of the judge is final.

8. Entry

8.1 Deadline

Monday the 7th of March

8.2 Application forms

Needs to be send to:
Taekwondo Club Papendrecht Or E-mail : info@openwindmills.com
Koolzaadhof 13 www.openwindmills.com
3355 CR Papendrecht
The Netherlands
8.3 Admission fees

€ 18,00 (euro) per competitor or $ 25,00 (US Dollar) for each contestant.
No restitution’s can be made. (only online by www.ma-regonline.com)

8.4 Entries & payment

All cheques payable to Taekwondo Club Papendrecht and must be received before.
The deadline Monday the 7th of March. Applications will be judged on their post date.
We have a maximum of 300 competitors.

8.5 Modifications

Online using www.ma-regonline.com

8.6 Spectators € 5,00 (Euro), $ 7,50 (US Dollar)

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