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National Belgian Taekwondo Union


Vlaamse Taekwondo Bond vzw – Flemish Taekwondo Union
H. Van Veldekesingel 150/73
BE-3500 Hasselt
Phone: + 32 11 87 09 19
Fax: +32 11 87 09 17


Mr. Steve Grommen

Poomsae Referee Director

Mr. Mustapha Moutarazak (IPR)



8th-9th-10th of April, 2011

Competition date

Saturday 9th of April, 2011: A-Cat.: 1st Dan/Poom and higher
Sunday 10th of April, 2011: 8th Geup until 1st Geup

Competition hall

Topsporthal Vlaanderen
Zuiderlaan 14, 9000 Gent

Time Table

  • Friday 8 April Registration for both competition days in competition hall.
    Registration: 14:00 – 20:00 (local time)
    Because of organizational concern, teams and individual athletes are encouraged to register on Friday!
  • Saturday 9 April 08.00-09.00: Registration for competition on Saturday
    09.30: Start competition A -cat.: 1st Dan/Poom and higher
  • Sunday 10 April 08.00-09.00: Registration for competition on Sunday
    09.30: Start competition 8th Geup until 1st Geup
    NOTE: Times are subject to change.



Proof of membership by valid National Federation Passport with ETU/WTF membership. All competitors have to prove their age and nationality by presenting their passport or identification card at the registration.

Those who are not recognized as adults by law in their own country must submit a passport or identification card together with a written consent (liability declaration) at registration signed by parents or lawful guardians, accepting the participation and all parts of the official invitation.


  • Dangrades: 1st Dan/Poom and higher.
  • Low Belt–Cat.: 8th Geup until 5th Geup
    (Belt class according to VTB-regulations)
  • High Belt–Cat: 4th Geup until 1st Geup
    (Belt class according to VTB-regulations)

The age categories are based on the year of birth. For example, if someone is 18 years old on the day of competition and he/she is still to become 19 years, then he/she will participate in the category of the seniors 19 until 30 years.

A-Class Categories (9th of April, 2011)

One day before the competition Taegeuk/Poomsae will be published on the VTB site: www.taekwondo.be

  • 1st round: 2 Taegeuk/Poomsae (1st Compulsory Poomsae table).
  • 2nd round: 2 Taegeuk/Poomsae (2nd Compulsory Poomsae table).
  • 3rd round (finals): 2 Taegeuk/Poomsae (2nd Compulsory Poomsae table).

2 Taegeuk/Poomsae with 1 minute pause. For each Taegeuk/Poomsae 2 points will be given (each Taegeuk/Poomsae is judged separately and the points will be announced immediately after the Taegeuk/Poomsae.

Web info: www.taekwondo.be

All compulsory Poomsae for the 1st, 2nd and final round for A-Categories will be announced 1 day before the competition on the website: www.taekwondo.be

Low and High Belt Categories (10th of April, 2011)
(Belt class according to VTB-regulations)

  • NOTE (1): all Geup-grades run in the final 2 Taegeuk/Poomsae with 1 minute pause.
    8th Geup: maximum four times the same Taegeuk. 7th or 6th Geup: maximum two times the same Taegeuk. 5th Geup and higher: must give four different Taegeuk/Poomsae.
  • NOTE (2): Additional the lowest Geup-grade stipulate which Taegeuk/Poomsae must be chosen for Pair and Teams.

Age division:

  • Individual: Aspirants 11 – 13 year; Juniors 14 – 18 year; Seniors A 19 – 30 year;
    Seniors B 31 – 40 year; Masters A 41 – 50 year; Masters B 51 – 60 year; Masters C plus 61 year.
  • Pair (1 male and 1 female):
    Pair Aspirants 11 – 13 year; 1st Pair 14 – 35 year; 2nd Pair 36 year or older
  • Teams (3 male or 3 female):
    Team Aspirants 11 – 13 year; 1st Team 14 – 35 year;
    2nd Team 36 year or older.

Web info: www.taekwondo.be


Competition Rules

WTF / VTB competition rules


Taegeuk and higher WTF / Kukkiwon poomsae


  1. Athletes shall be allowed to compete in more divisions:
    Individual Division, Team Division, Pair Division.
  2. Cut-off system for Dangrades:
    1st round: all competitors (+18 competitors).
    2nd round: at least 50% of the competitors (9-17) (including participants with equal scores)
    (possibility for extra rounds in case of equal scores to qualify for the finals).
    3rd round: maximum of 8 competitors (highest scores) can qualify for this round.
    4th round: after equal score: between 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 ranking.
  3. 8th Geup: maximum four times the same Taegeuk.
    7th or 6th Geup: maximum two the same Taegeuk.
    5th Geup and higher: must give four different Taegeuk/Poomsae.
  4. Number of rounds for Geup-grades (according to the VTB-rules):
    1) If maximum 5 participants: only third round
    2)6 to 10 participants: only first and third round
    3) More than 10 participants: first, second and third round
  5. All compulsory Taegeuk/ Poomsae will be announced 1 day
    before the competition on the website: www.taekwondo.be

Doping Control

Some contestants chosen at random will be tested.
The list of prohibited products will be equal to the list of the IOC.


To all winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, cups will be awarded.

Hall Rules

Only the competitors and their coaches have admittance with their registration cards to the contest areas.


Must be made by the official coach within 10 minutes of the end of the contest to the Poomsae Referee Director. Protest fee is €150.


All competitors participate at their own risk. The organizers or the VTB shall not accept responsibility for any damages, injuries or
losses sustained or incurred.


Applications :

This service is provided by Ma-regonline
To register and login to the service please use this link:


At latest: Monday, 28th of March, 2011
Entries after this deadline will not be accepted


For all modifications that are to be made after the deadline, an administration fee of € 15,- will be charged.
This must be paid in cash at the registration.

Entry Fee

A–individual (1) € 45,- Low and High belt–individual (1) € 20,-
A–pairs (2) € 45,- Low and High belt–pairs (2) € 20,-
A–teams (3) € 45,- Low and High belt–teams (3) € 20,-

Entry fees must be paid by bank before the deadline of 28th of March, 2011!

There will be no refund if a registered competitor fails to show up for the competition!

Web info: www.taekwondo.be

NOTE: Registrations are only valid when payments have been received and can be confirmed by the Bank and the Organizer.


For every 5 contestants within the same team, one coach is granted free admission, with a maximum of 3 coaches.
Only competitors and coaches have admittance to the competition areas.
Coaching is only allowed in sports wear (no dobok!). All coaches must be 18 years or older!

All coaches and officials need to register on www.ma-regonline.com and must upload a photograph. An amount of € 5 (Euro) will have to be paid when a photograph of another person was uploaded.


Up to 7 years old: admission is free
8 years and older: 1 day-ticket € 5,-


Invitations of participating International Poomsae Referee will be made by the Poomsae Referee Director.

Hotel and full board accommodation from Friday 8th till Sunday 10th of April, 2011 will be provided by the organization.

International Poomsae referees will receive an allowance € 75 per competition day.

Poomsae Referee Director: Mr. Mustapha Moutarazak
E-mail: m.moutarazak@hotmail.com


Hotels in Gent are quickly fully booked in this period of the year!! Gent is a major sought-after tourist destination and offers a lot of cultural, business and sport possibilities.
The organization is holding an allocation of rooms in Gent from 8 to 11 of April 2011. Teams and National teams are encouraged to book their required number of rooms early through the organization of the Vlaamse taekwondo Bond vzw to guarantee reasonable prices and hotel rooms.
Room reservations must reach the organization before 4th of March 2011.
After this deadline no refund will be possible in case of cancellation.
Room reservation will only be confirmed after receipt of payment!


First Aid

Will be provided by the organization and is only to be used in case of an emergency!


The organization and supervisor assume no responsibility for teams, any damages, violence, losses and injuries during the stay in Belgium. All contestants must bring their own documents and forms for any medical treatment in Belgium. If not, this will have to be paid in cash.


Filming and photographing is not allowed on the competition area, unless for press members.
Recording from the public stands is only allowed for handy cam-type cameras.
If you want to bring a photographer or a journalist, please mention it by email.

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