International Taekwondo Competition Sofia 2010

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International Taekwondo Competition Sofia 2010



Taekwondo club “Ji Do Kwan-BG ” – Sofia, Bulgaria


Taekwondo club “Ji Do Kwan-BG ” – Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 896 613 677 (N. Glavchev) Russian, English
Phone: + 359 887 93 18 18 (V. Stoyanov) English, Greek, Balkan languages
Phone: + 359 888 88 09 34 (K.Nacheva) English
Fax : + 359 2 933 08 72
E-mail: (N. Glavchev)
E-mail: (K. Nacheva)
E-mail: (D. Kamenova)
E-mail: (Ch. Petkov)


Mr. Nikolay Glavchev, President

Tournament Director:

Mr. Nikolay Glavchev

Event Management:

Phone: +359 2 933 08 70
Phone (mobile): +359 888 88 09 34 (K.Nacheva)
Address: Tsaritsa Yoana 49, Sofia, Bulgaria

Competition Date:

11-12 September, 2010

Competition Hall:

Festivalna Hall
Str. Manastirska № 35, Sofia,Bulgaria

Application Deadline:

15 August, 2010

Application Address:

Taekwondo club “Ji Do Kwan-BG”
Phone: +359 896613677

Competition Rules and Method:

For children and cadets in “B”class:

  • No kicks in the head are allowed!
  • Fights are conducted with regular protectors (not electronic ones)

NOTE: All competitors have to wear mouth guard and gloves. Children and cadets have to wear instep protector (for “B”class)

Practical info:

4 Competition areas, all with electronic score board system.
Single elimination tournament system.

Conditions for participation:

Right for participation have competitors:

  • for “A” class: with 4th kup and upward
  • for “B” class: with 10th kup till 4th kup

who are members of a national federation that is a member of ETU and WTF. All competitors have to prove their age and other relevant data by presenting a valid passport or ID Card at weighting. Those who are not recognized as adults by law in their own countries must submit a valid passport or ID document together with written approval of their parents or a lawful guardian, accepting their participation and all parts of the official invitation.

Age categories:

  • Children:Male and Female born in 2002 to 2001 (8th kup and higher)
  • Children:Male and Female born in 2000 to 1999 (8th kup and higher)
  • Cadets: Male and female: born in 1998 to 1996 (4th Kup and higher).
  • Juniors: Male and female: born in 1995 to 1993 (2nd Kup and higher).
  • Seniors: Male and female: born in 1992 and older (2nd Kup and higher).

Weight Categories:

  • Children: M/F -21, -23, -25, -27, -29, -31, -33, -36, -40, +40
  • Cadet Male: -33kg, -37kg, -41kg, -45kg, -49kg, -53kg, -57kg, -61kg, -65kg, +65kg
  • Cadet Female: -29kg, -33kg, -37kg, -41kg, -44kg, -47kg, -51kg, -55kg, -59kg, +59kg
  • Junior Male: -45kg, -48kg, -51kg, -55kg, -59kg, -63kg, -68kg, -73kg, -78kg, +78kg
  • Junior Female: -42kg, -44kg, -46kg, -49kg, -52kg, -55kg, -59kg, -63kg, -68kg, +68kg
  • Senior Male: -54kg, -58kg, -63kg, -68kg, -74kg, -80kg, -87kg, +87kg
  • Senior Female: -46kg, -49kg, -53kg, -57kg, -62kg, -67kg, -73kg, +73kg

Round Length:

  • children “A” class: 2 x 1.5 minute
  • children “B” class: 2 x 1 minute
  • cadet s “A” class: 2 x 1.5 minute
  • cadets “B” class: 2 x 1.5 minute
  • juniors and seniors: 3 x 2 minutes

Award presentation:

Medals for the places from 1 to 3 individual results.
Trophies for the places 1 to 3 teams and nations results.
Best Player and Fair-Play Cup.

Entry Fee:

€ 30 (Euro) for each contestant before dead line.
€ 35 (Euro) for each contestant after dead line.
The Entry Fee must be paid and specified to the Bank Account of
Bank Details SC „Ji Do Kwan” Bank: UniCredit Bulbank City: Sofia Post code: 1463 Bank account: BG10UNCR70001504188105 BIC code: UNCRBGSF

NOTE: Registrations are only valid when payments have been received and can be confirmed by the
Bank and the Organizer.

There will be no refund if a registered competitor fails to show up for the competition!


Each participating team is invited to introduce an international referee. We kindly ask you to contact our Referee Chairman on: :
Referee meeting will be scheduled.


Only official coaches are allowed to protest immediately after the end of the contest. An amount of € 50 (Euro) will have to be paid for each protest. The decision of the referee chairman is final.


All participators take part on their own risk. The organizer is in no way responsible for any damage caused to persons or their belongings. With the registration the participant/Club acknowledges and accepts all the listed points.


Friday, 10. September 2010
16.00-22.00 registration/weight in
Saturday, 11. September 2010
07.00-08.00 weight in – children/cadets/juniors in the sport hall
08.00-08.30 meeting for referees and coaches
09.00-19.00 elimination fights children/cadets/juniors
19.00h final fights
17.00-19.00 weight in for seniors in the sport hall.
Sunday, 12. September 2010
09.00 – 18.00 elimination fights: seniors and juniors

NOTE: Changes of weight divisions after the deadline cost 10 euros.

Drawing of lots:

The drawing of lots shall be conducted electronically one day prior to the competition with the presence of officials and representatives of participating teams.


For hotel reservations, Bulgaria Open 2010 recommends that you visit the websites of the following hotels.
Hotel Vega Sofia :
Park Hotel Moskva:
Hotel Pliska:
If you would like to book rooms in other hotels, you can contact the following tourist agency:
Beta Tours:

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  1. Veton Berisha octubre 31, 08:51

    Posaljite mi REZULTATE sa Vaseg Internationalnog Taekwondo Turnira “SOFIA OPEN 2010″
    Istovremeno obecavam da cu Vas turnir uvrstiti u kalendar aktivnosti naseg Taekwondo kluba za sledecu 2011 godinu.
    Veton Berisha,Presednik tkd”DON” iz Pristine, Republika KOSOVO

    p.s.Ovaj tekst je pisan na srpskom jeziku,vama bliskim jezikom

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